LiDAR Rental

Aerial Photography

Mapping & Surveying

Inspections / Asset Review

Search & Recovery

Flyability Elios – scans previously inaccessible spaces


LiDAR Rental

Aerial Photography

Mapping & Surveying

Inspections / Asset Review / Rescue & Recovery

Flyability ELIOS – scans previously inaccessible spaces


HTS ADVANCED SOLUTIONS proudly announces the expansion of its Rental Pool and Services. We now offer AERIAL and VEHICLE-BASED LiDAR SOLUTIONS, PHOTOGRAMMETRY and FLYABILTY ELIOS

HTS Mapping can help you measure terrain to design or monitor construction site progress, create drainage systems, conduct power line maintenance and inspections, inspect solar farms and telecommunication towers, reconstruct accident sites, monitor pipelines and manage assets as well as many more projects in a variety of industries.

We provide customers a large portfolio of equipment available for rental or service including LiDAR’s Phoenix MiniRanger Units, Zenmuse Cameras, Flyability Elios for confined space and AeroPoints Ground Control Points (GCP’s).



The HTS Mapping team recently carried out an Aerial LiDAR Scan in Ouray, CO. using a Velodyne 32e on a Matrice 600 Pro with an X3 camera. It covers approximately 400 acres at altitudes from 8,500′ – 10,500′.

HTS Mapping Rentals

HTS rents LiDAR Phoenix MiniRanger, ZENMUSE Cameras & Flyability ELIOS.
Authorized Reseller of AeroPoints Ground Control Points, (GCP’s) which are also available for rent.

HTS Mapping Services

Need manpower? Our licensed remote pilots at HTS Mapping can come to your site to help you obtain the data and/or the images you need.

Flyabilty Elios

Inspect indoor and confined spaces with this sUAS specifically designed to avoid obstacles and collisions. Equipped with an HD and thermal camera and LED lighting system which can be adjusted remotely, you’ll save time and money obtaining the images you need without compromising safety.


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News / Events

Nov 2019:
Sign up now for the upcoming LiDAR & M600 Training Class Dec 3-6, 2019.  Class size is limited.

July 2019:
LiDAR Phoenix MiniRanger Unit (Sony A6000 Camera) with its impressive recommended AGL of up to 75m, filling a major AGL gap in the lightweight UAV LiDAR market now with the Sony A6000 Lite 24MP Camera added to the rental pool.

January 2019:
LiDAR Phoenix MiniRanger & Flyability Elios now available for rent from HTS Mapping.

Flyability Elios, the drone (sUAS) that inspects previously inaccessible places making your workplace safer & more efficient.

Flyability Applications & Case Studies

HTS Mapping announces the Certification of Russell White:
– FAA 107 Certified
– sUAS Level I Thermographer