Need equipment for your next project? There’s no job too big or too small for HTS Mapping.

Allow us to provide you with our expertise and the right equipment including the Phoenix Ranger-LR, the Phoenix MiniRanger Lite with Sony A6K Lite + Phoenix LiDAR’s new AIR NavBox, Zenmuse X3 & XT Thermal Cameras, AeroPoints GCP’s and the Flyability Elios.

Phoenix Ranger-LR

Phoenix Ranger-LR

Phoenix Ranger-LR now available for rent from HTS-Mapping.com

This unit is capable of being mounted onto a helicopter, sUAS, or a vehicle, giving it a lot more flexibility in applications.

Product Brochure: Phoenix Ranger-LR

Phoenix MiniRanger Lite with Sony A6K Lite


Phoenix MiniRanger Lite with Sony A6K Lite

Phoenix MiniRanger Lite with Sony A6K Lite now available for rent from HTS-Mapping.com

The NEW miniRANGER LITE includes Phoenix LiDAR’s new AIR NavBox. The newest generation, ultra-lightweight (450g) rover will help meet the rigorous demands of various industries and applications by greatly increasing flexibility in two key areas: configuration of heavier payloads for the DJI M600 series; and higher range with the highest resolution cameras on the market.

The new Phoenix LiDAR AIR NavBox offers the most industry-altering capabilities in a tiny box not much bigger than a standard-size computer mouse.


Phoenix LiDAR MiniRanger Unit

Phoenix MiniRanger

Phoenix MiniRanger

This system features an impressive recommended AGL of up to 75 meters, filling a major AGL gap in the lightweight UAV LiDAR market.

With the photogrammetry package, operators of mid-size multirotors, like the DJI M600 Pro, can now simultaneously acquire survey-grade LiDAR data and high resolution 42 MP RTK photogrammetry at up to 100 m operating flight altitude.

  • Survey-Grade (cm-level) accuracy with 250m+ laser range
  • Outstanding intensity calibration on high altitude and high speed missions
  • Penetrates vegetation to produce accurate results
  • Transmit live data to remote viewers using Long Range WiFi
  • Visual Range: 360° field of view
  • Avoid acquisition errors by viewing and analyzing 3D data in the field


 ZENMUSE X3 Camera Product Brochure:

Quickly obtain clear and precise images for orthomosaic maps, digital elevation models, digital surface models and digital terrain models.

From DJI, their X3 gimbal keeps the camera steady while using it attached to a drone so that your footage is professional and steady.

Rent it to use with your drone. HTS can advise you on your best options or carry out the analysis for you if you prefer.


ZENMUSE XT Thermal Camera

640 13MM Thermal Radiometric Camera by DJI.

This reliable aerial thermal imaging camera captures the accurate temperature of every pixel, thereby allowing the calculation of averages, highs and lows within a region.

See the unseen” according the DJI website. The applications for this thermal camera with its pinpoint accuracy are endless: firefighters, search & rescue operations, farming, forestry, solar farms.

The ZENMUSE XT Camera mounted onto your drone is much more affordable, safer and more efficient than expensive helicopter inspections. Reserve now or call us for advice so we can help with your project.


AeroPoints Ground Control Points (GCP’s)

AeroPoints work with any drone and with any software. Designed specifically for drones, these lightweight, portable ground control points are a must for professional drone operation these days.

Reliable and easy-to-use, solar-powered AeroPoints provide a faster solution than manually-created ground points, saving you time and money during your worksite analysis.

Flyability Elios

Now available for rent: the Flyability Elios.

For those unreachable, isolated and remote spaces the Elios is the answer. This drone is designed to steer clear of obstructions, thereby avoiding collisions and damage.  It can fly in spaces where a typical drone is not able to operate.

Because of its usability in confined spaces the Elios offers a safe way to get the data you need, much safer and much more efficiently. Elios at work

Phoenix Ranger-LR

Jan 2021:
Latest addition to HTS Mapping Rental Pool: Phoenix Ranger-LR


Phoenix MiniRanger Lite with Sony A6K Lite

Recently added to the HTS Mapping Rental Pool: Phoenix MiniRanger Lite with Sony A6K Lite
The NEW miniRANGER LITE includes Phoenix LiDAR’s new AIR NavBox.


Flyability Elios

HTS Mapping announce the Flyability Elios is now available for rent; the drone (sUAS) that inspects previously inaccessible places making your workplace safer & more efficient.

Flyability Applications & Case Studies


sUAS Level I Thermographer

HTS Mapping announces the Certification of Russell White:
– FAA 107 Certified
– sUAS Level I Thermographer