HTS Mapping has the equipment, people, knowledge and contacts to fully tailor a solution for all of your aerial and vehicle mapping and photogrammetry projects. With more than 20 years experience and a global support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are just a phone call away.

When a project falls outside of your area of expertise or you just don’t have the equipment, staff or time to allocate to the job, let us step in and handle the details for you. HTS can provide licensed drone (sUAS ) pilots and along with equipment including Matrice 600 Pro sUAS, LiDAR USA’s Snoopy A-Series, Zenmuse Cameras, Flyability Elios and AeroPoints GCPs.


HTS Mapping Services: Working with a drone in the field

HTS Mapping Services: Working with a drone in the field


With data collected via aerial and/or vehicle mapping, we can create orthomosaic maps; digital elevation, surface and terrain models; and 3D Point Cloud.


Orthomosaic Map

Many photos are combined together to create this type of detailed, accurate, true-to-scale, orthorectified area map. This aerial photography gives a true surface depiction of distance since topographic relief, lens distortion and camera tilt have all been adjusted.

Digitial Elevation Model

Digital elevation model (DEM) represents surface relief through measurement between points of elevation. Images are captured through photogrammetry and LiDAR and AeroPoints Ground Control Points (GCP’s) are used to filter out man-made and natural non-ground points that aren’t depicted in this bare-earth type of elevation model.

Phoenix Ranger-LR

Jan 2021:
Latest addition to HTS Mapping Rental Pool: Phoenix Ranger-LR


Phoenix MiniRanger Lite with Sony A6K Lite

Recently added to the HTS Mapping Rental Pool: Phoenix MiniRanger Lite with Sony A6K Lite
The NEW miniRANGER LITE includes Phoenix LiDAR’s new AIR NavBox.


Flyability Elios

HTS Mapping announce the Flyability Elios is now available for rent; the drone (sUAS) that inspects previously inaccessible places making your workplace safer & more efficient.

Flyability Applications & Case Studies


sUAS Level I Thermographer

HTS Mapping announces the Certification of Russell White:
– FAA 107 Certified
– sUAS Level I Thermographer


Digital Surface Model

Similar to a DEM, LiDAR is used to create a Digital surface model (DSM); however, a DSM includes man-made and natural features while a DEM does not.

Digital Surface Model

Digital Terrain Model

Digital terrain models (DTM) are created through photogrammetry and shows specific terrain features very clearly.

3D Point Cloud

Produced by 3D scanners, a 3D point cloud provides high-resolution data, measuring a large series of data points in a given space.

3D Point Cloud